Westlake Bakes

A niche home baking business presents a recognizable and consistent brand when showcasing their product via social media and product packaging.


What does a marketing VP of a national brand do when she takes a step back from the corporate world to be at home more with her young children? Well, when you have the artistic talents of Kristen Yen, you become one of Austin’s most sought-after custom treat designers.

Dryer Creative was hired to come up with the logo and social media watermark for Westlake Bakes.


Understanding that Kristen is savvy about good marketing and design, Dryer Creative worked closely with her to truly understand the overall vision she had for Westlake Bakes. During our discussions, we learned that Kristen, as a true visionary, had already thought about her businesses and what it might look like in 10 years. She imagined it as a welcomed destination for her local community and neighborhood; a bistro for friends to gather; a hyper-local establishment that, although small, served the highest quality of coffee and treats.

With those thoughts and visions in mind, Dryer Creative decided to create a logo that could be placed on a striped awning of a brownstone in an urban setting. An inviting logo that would encourage a passerby to stop and see what’s inside.


  • Logo Design
  • Icon/Watermark Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Sticker Design

Client Love

As a former VP of Marketing I always thought of myself as a creative person but it wasn’t until I met Katie that I knew my creativity had limitations.  Katie is crazy talented and her thoughtfully curated ideas have no limits.  Her approach to the design is collaborative and she works with you to ensure her ideas and your products reflect you! I’m so happy to have Dryer Creative for all the marketing and design needs!

~ Kristen Yen

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