Dryer Creative is a design studio, but more importantly, it is a special place to brainstorm, problem solve, and get your brand or message in front of others in a carefully crafted and curated manner.

We know that small businesses, accounting for 44 percent of economic activity in the U.S., are the backbone of our country, but have limited creative resources and budgets. That’s why at Dryer Creative, led by Katie Dryer, founder and principal creative director, we consider ourselves a partner to our clients who include individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits.

Too often individuals get paralyzed in the transition of knowing what they want, but not how to get it, nor how much it will impact their budget. That moment is our time to shine. With a complete understanding of sensitivity to budget, we offer project-by-project services. This means we only charge you for the work we complete; no retainer fees required. Additionally, using our print knowledge and expertise, we only present the most cost-effective solutions with the upmost quality.

If you are seeking an expert to brand your business, create the content for your new website, or design a marketing presentation, Dryer Creative is the studio for you. Whether your need is print or digital, when collaborating with us you can expect professional and friendly service with effective results.

Katie Dryer

Katie Dryer

As founding member and principal creative director, Katie Dryer has over 20 years of experience as a creative professional. Katie leads the direction of marketing strategy and implementation, graphic design, and print production services for a wide variety of consumer, business-to-business and non-profit clientele.

As a business owner since 2004, Katie’s entrepreneurship has led to a strategic mindset with keen problem solving at the forefront of a collaborative work environment. A history of building strong client and vendor relationships has resulted in steadfast execution from idea to fulfillment.

Katie is creative, dependable, and known for her cheerful personality. She has a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. When not working, Katie spends her time nurturing her family and home. Her favorite diversions include gardening, live music and experiential dining experiences with friends and family. Katie lives in South Austin with her husband, James, and their two daughters and dog, Cash.

Strategic Partners

Dryer Creative engages other industry experts to meet each client’s specific needs. With the ever-changing components of marketing an organization, we recognize the need to retain niche experts to meet your goals.

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